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Weight Management

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       The single most important way to improve your health is maintaining a normal body weight.  Both low and high extremes of weight are shown to be associated with significant increase in mortality and morbidity. Normal body weight happens when food consumption and energy expenditure of a person are in balance. For some of us who are luckier, this happens naturally; but for an increasing number of us who have been either subjected to unhealthy eating habits as a kid, acquired these habits along the way, suffer from a metabolic condition, or  simply, have “issues” with food, maintaining a healthy body weight proves to be extremely difficult.

       Here at FUTURE HEALTH we, first, diagnose the root of the problem. Be it physiological, psychological or simply habitual. Then we discuss ways to correct and reverse this imbalances.  As with our general philosophy and approach to medicine, here, too, we strive to use medication as little as possible.