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Preventive Care


        Here at FUTURE HEALTH we believe the most important role for a physician is not treating diseases, but preventing, or at least, delaying them from happening.

        In recent decades there has been an increasing emphasis on the importance of preventive medicine in medical literature, and rightfully so, since, the sooner we detect the processes that can lead to a disease, the better chance we have at reversing or, at least, slowing their progression; but we, still, have long ways to go. From developing less invasive, more accurate and cost effective screening tests, to convincing the health care systems to adopt these tests to their practices, it takes years to have a single new screening test available to the public; also, since our susceptibilities and tendencies to develop different medical conditions are widely based on our genetic and environmental make up-hence unique to ourselves-having a universal set of screening recommendations is, at best, incomplete.

        In our clinic, In addition to the recommended routine screening tests, we identify your inherent and acquired predispositions to diseases, and tailor a screening plan to cover all your health vulnerabilities.