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Mental Health And Counseling


       In today’s fast paced society, most of us, find little time to focus on our psychological wellbeing.  Of course, being productive and successful is rewarding, and that’s what gives us a false sense of mental stability, but in reality, just like our bodies, if we don’t tend to our minds, we’re risking an adverse outcome.  Hidden-and sometimes not so hidden-stressors in our lives have to be vented in a controlled, productive way, or they accumulate, and even though we may feel “fine-” just like someone who eats lots of sugar, but still hasn’t developed diabetes- we are likely to have problems with our psyches later on in life. Some of us have already started to see the tell tail signs of this process happening by, simply not being able to enjoy life the way we used to, or, being more irritable than before and many other subtle symptoms or signs that are, usually, mentioned to us by our relatives or friends, but are simply ignored by us until they turn into a serious mental condition like depression or anxiety.

       In our clinic, we prefer to detect and reverse these imbalances as early as possible, through counseling and behavioral modification; but even if you are suffering from more severe symptoms of anxiety or depression, it’s not too late to address these issues and discuss the pharmacological and non-pharmacological options available to you.