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Managing Sleep Problems


       Having difficulty with one’s sleep, is probably one of the most common health problems in today’s world. While sleep problems stem from a mixture of physical and mental causes, they end up affecting both our bodies and minds if stay uncorrected.

       Whether it’s difficulty going to sleep, problem maintaining it, or if you are suffering from life threatening conditions like sleep apnea,  there’s, always, a combination of physiological and psychological factors in play when it comes to your sleep problem.  While majority of sleep disturbances can, simply, be corrected through following sleep hygiene and minor cognitive behavioral interventions, some require medications, or even, breathing machines.

       No matter what is your sleep condition, if you start to correct the physical and mental processes culpable for your sleep problem, you will, surely, see results.  Let us diagnose, analyze and discuss the roots of your sleep problem and counsel you on the remedies available. As always, our emphasis in this clinic is on non-pharmacological, non-invasive ways to solve your health problems.