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Diabetes Care


         Our understanding of pathological processes leading to Diabetes type 2 has increased dramatically in the past decade; yet, this condition is, still, being treated the way it has been for the past half a century.

         Although today we know that the problem is not insulin deficiency, but insulin excess and insulin resistance, the standard treatment for diabetes still is insulin injections and insulin promoting pills. This approach, temporarily lowers the blood sugar, but feeds the vicious cycle of insulin resistance, metabolic disturbance, increase appetite and weight gain, which eventually leads to worsening of the condition and higher requirement for insulin and pills. Even though, today, most physicians know that breaking the metabolic disturbance and treating patients’ addiction to carbohydrates  is the only permanent solution to diabetes type 2, almost all clinics continue using insulin or its promoters as the first line therapy for diabetes.

        If you are concerned about your diabetes control , or if you wonder whether it’s possible to lower your medication requirements, schedule a free consult with us to discuss your concerns; and, remember, the longer you continue with your carbohydrate addiction, the harder it would be to reverse the process.