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We are a medical clinic dedicated to promoting your health by scientifically proven methods.

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    Managing Chronic Medical Conditions

    Even though here at FUTURE HEALTH our emphasis is on non pharmacological ways to promote health, when it comes to chronic medical conditions, as an internist, I appreciate the fact that, sometimes, there is...
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    Diabetes Care

             Our understanding of pathological processes leading to Diabetes type 2 has increased dramatically in the past decade; yet, this condition is, still, being treated the way it has been for...
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    Preventive Care

    Here at FUTURE HEALTH we believe the most important role for a physician is not treating diseases, but preventing, or at least, delaying them from happening.
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    Managing Sleep Problems

    Having difficulty with one’s sleep, is probably one of the most common health problems in today’s world. While sleep problems stem from a mixture of physical and mental causes, they end up affecting both...
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    Mental Health And Counseling

    In today’s fast paced society, most of us, find little time to focus on our psychological wellbeing. Of course, being productive and successful is rewarding, and that’s what gives us a false sense...
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    Lifestyle Analysis And Modification

    Most individuals know the essentials of healthy living. With unlimited medical information available from many different outlets, it’s hard to find someone who, for example, still thinks smoking is not harmful, or eating junk...
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    Exercise And Sport Medicine

    Recent medical studies suggest that sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise should be considered an independent risk factor to one’s health. In other words, if you don’t exercise, it’s like as if you smoke,...
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    Nutrition Consult

    Having a normal body weight doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re having a healthy nutritional intake. One can maintain a normal body weight by having only tea and biscuit, but is sure to develop life threatening...
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    Weight Management

    The single most important way to improve your health is maintaining a normal body weight. Both low and high extremes of weight are shown to be associated with significant increase in mortality and...